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Choose Your Chairty

Commitment to do More

At Beyond Wireless, we are a bit unusual. We are committed to helping make YOUR world a better place by giving 5% of your monthly plan price to a charity or community organization of YOUR choosing.

Sure, there are many worthy, large, national charitable organizations that people may wish to contribute to, and if you’d like, we will be happy to direct our donation to these at your discretion. However, many of our customers are passionate about local organizations that are a big part of their lives. This could be their church, a private school, local veteran’s organization, school district, alumni association, or any number of other organizations that would benefit from an additional source of revenue.

How it Works

It’s really all up to you. YOU choose the charity and we will donate 5% of your plan price to that organization every month, with NO annual caps on the giving.

Simply input the information about your charitable organization on the shipping and confirmation page near the end of the ordering process. Once we’ve received your first months payment we’ll start your donation to your charities.

Charitable Donations

Am I able to choose any charity to which I can direct my donations?

Yes! You may choose a charity or community group (church, school, veterans group, rotary, senior centers, etc.) that you are passionate about supporting. Beyond Wireless will confirm the organization in 1-2 business days.

Is there an annual cap on donations to my organization of choice?

No! Beyond Wireless will donate 5% of your plan price to the organization of your choice with NO annual caps. The entire 5% goes directly to that organization.

How often does the charity receive my donations?

Beyond Wireless will send a monthly check to the charity you have chosen. This will include donations from you and all other Beyond Wireless subscribers who have chosen to support the same charity.

Can I claim the tax deduction for donations made to my charity on my behalf?

No. Because Beyond Wireless is making the actual donation to your charity on your behalf, you are not eligible to claim these as a deduction on your personal tax returns.

Will the charity be informed of donations made on my behalf?

No. Beyond Wireless will not share any of your personal information with the charity you have chosen. If, however, you choose to notify your designated charity that you have designated them to receive a donation on your behalf, that is entirely up to you.

Can multiple lines under the same account designate different charities?

No. Only one charity can be selected per account. If you would like to change your selection of charitable organization, you may do so twice per calendar year.