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Love your Sprint phone? Keep it. If not, we probably have what you’re looking for- within your budget. Choose from New, Refurb, or Bring Your Own. Easy.

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No Credit, No Problem. Hate contracts? So do we. Choose your plan, on your terms. Refreshing.

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Investing in the future of your favorite charity just got easier. 5% of your monthly bill goes directly to the charity of your choice. Guaranteed.

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Never Talk to a Robot. Ever.

We prefer talking to humans, and we bet you do too. When you call us, you’ll speak with one of our living and breathing employees. How can you be sure? When you call, just ask a question that only a human would know, like “What does it feel like to have a heartbeat?” or “Isn’t dry skin the worst?”

Robots might be better than humans at some things, but customer service isn’t one of them.

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Smart phones and smart prices.
We have both.
Choose from our selection of shiny new devices, guaranteed refurbs, or stick with your own. We work with you, on your budget.

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We understand. Sometimes things seem too good to be true.
We work with one of the nation’s leading carriers to provide exceptional coverage. Our devices are guaranteed. We care about the world. So what are you waiting for?

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Make a Difference

We want to make your world – and ours – a better place.
Tell us which charity means the most to you, and we’ll invest 5% of your service payment toward their efforts each month.

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Affordable Cell Phone Plans

$25 goes a long way, baby.

Beyond Wireless has service plans and handsets that fit any budget, any lifestyle. Credit challenged? We get it. Monthly plans start at just $25 and a portion of your monthly fee still goes to supporting a charity of your choice.

Love your Sprint phone? Keep it. We’ll show you how to port in your new service. Staying connected should be easy. That’s what we’re about. Forget the red tape - Get Beyond Wireless.